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Method: Easy $150/month writing on HubPages

150 dollars per month might not seem like a big sum to many, but there are countries where this is more than enough to pay all of your expenses for […]

150 dollars per month might not seem like a big sum to many, but there are countries where this is more than enough to pay all of your expenses for 30 days. Or you can think of this as another easy way to get started. Easy as in “not complicated”, not as in “no work involved”.

Basic gist of the method: write for the web 2.0 site HubPages and make money out of it. That’s it, simple as that.

What you’ll need

  • a HubPages account
  • 5 already created good quality Hubs
  • decent English writing skills

What this method will get you

  • a total of $900 for 6 months
  • a high profile on HubPages (with do follow links, that can be further monetized)
  • bonus of Adsense and Amazon earnings

The Method

We are going to take advantage (in a good way) of a program called HubPages Apprenticeship, which was recently launched. You can go ahead and click the link to it and read what it’s all about, to familiarize yourself with what you’ll be doing.

Why did I say you need 5 quality Hubs? Well, because this program is something that you need to apply to and they will check your profile to see if you mean business. And when they’ll see 5 nicely written Hubs, each one with at least 500 words and a picture, your chances of getting accepted will be much higher. I actually recommend you spend the time and write at least 700-800 words per Hub, put a few pictures and a poll, a quiz, something to show interactivity on those pages.

When you apply, just tell them you’re serious about your writing career blah blah, show them your work and you’ll get accepted usually in a week or so.

Once you’ll get accepted, START WRITING. You’ll be paid $6.09 for each Hub written (at least 500 words and 1 picture) and you’re able to write a maximum of 28 Hubs. Best thing? They PAY INSTANTLY, the second you publish your newly written Hub.

Since the program lasts for 6 months, you’ll have a steady stream of income. And you can sign-up again after this, using other info and account. It’s your first taste of a writing professional job, so treat it with seriousness.

How else can you make money with it? Just include Adsense and Amazon affiliate links, your pages will get indexed and will rank for some keywords, thus making you another stream of cash.

At the end, after publishing all these Hubs you’ll get a high HubScore ( 70 to 100), meaning you will be allowed do create do-follow links (very important for SEO on other of your websites, if you have any). And you’ll have 28 x 6 = 168 Hub pages, making money as a passive income for you. Not a bad way to start earning money online, brushing up on your English and writing skills at the same time.

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